Herbal Medicine

What It Can Do

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As a herbalist we consider the function and health of the gut to be integral to your general wellness.
We can address complaints such as acid reflux, indigestion, IBS and dysbyosis.  
Treatment and management is usually carried out through a combination of dietary advice, lifestyle changes and herbs.


Fatigue can have many causes, inclusive of a poor night sleep and leaving you drained the next day; or having a good night sleep and still feeling tired on waking. Chronic health conditions leading to fatigue, anxiety causing insomnia, dietary influences- the list goes on. The plan is to work individually with you to improve your energy levels.


Immune System

Our immune system is divided into innate and adaptive defence, the innate includes the physical such as the barrier of our skin, our cough reflex, chemical  the enzymes found in our  our tears, saliva ,and cellular when certain cells will respond to a pathogen and engulf it. Adaptive is acquired and is the ability of the body to remember previous infections, is specific and responds accordingly. Herbs can support this system by working in a preventive manner and supporting it against illness.

Women's Health

Our bodies undergo a huge transformation once puberty starts and menstrual cycles occur; this can be accompanied by some discomfort as the body adjusts. 

Sadly, the present societal and historical expressions pertaining to  women's periods as "the curse" or "women's problems" perpetuate negative referencing. This normalises women to believe that painful breasts and cramping periods are the norm, whereas these symptoms can be managed with herbs.

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Skin Conditions

Skin conditions can be painful  and disfiguring, they often are an outward manifestation of an internal imbalance, possibly hormonal or gut issues. As a herbalist my aim is to understand the cause and treat accordingly.

Stress and Mental Health

Mental health is something that many people struggle with and is often synonymous with our busy lifestyles. 

Herbs and lifestyle changes can address this issue, and can aid people in enjoying life more completely. 

Homemade Remedies

Neuro- endocrine system

As stated previously, herbal medicine appealed to me because it looks at the whole body and recognises the links between all the body systems. This lead me to study endobiogenics, a theory of medicine which works on the basis of the neuro-endocrine system  managing the body through all the hormonal axis- and if these are off balance , symptoms and illness will manifest. Herbs are used to correct these imbalances recognised by both history taking and physical examination.