Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

My name is Linda Cronin, and I am based on the lovely North Devon coast in Ilfracombe.

I have evolved greatly in my years as a healthcare practitioner and continuing to develop and affect positive change is a massive part of my work ethos. As a child, I had a fascination with plants and their ability to heal. 

I have nursed for many years and continue to do so within the NHS, providing me with the skills to assess, diagnose and either refer or treat.  The opportunity to return to university and complete a science degree in Western Medical Herbalism allowed me to embrace my childhood passion  for healing in a natural way, and I learnt to combine traditional knowledge,  scientific research and the use of herbs in the body. 

I am particularly interested in multi-system illnesses, where patients present with a range of ailments and lurch from one illness to another often resulting in a decreased quality of life.  This has led to me undertaking further study in Endobiogenics, an area of medicine where  the neuro-endocrine system is thought to be the manager of the body and any disruption to the various hormone axis, can lead to illness.

In taking a thorough medical history and with a thorough clinical examination, I will determine where dysfunction has occurred and prescribe and dispense herbs to address the imbalance. Though herbs aid many conditions with good effect, often many long term conditions require a commitment from the patient regarding dietary and lifestyle changes. This will aid their health and allow the herbs to work to the greatest benefit. 

I hope to offer people solutions and management tools, but further to this I hope people will gain the ability to understand and manage their health themselves, which I believe to be the most important thing.