Consultation with a Western Medical Herbalist

Initial Consultation

I will take your full medical history and a list of your medications and any allergies; this is to rule out potential interactions from the herbs I will prescribe.

You should allow up to 1.5 hours for the consultation. This consultation is conducted in person, at my place of practice in North Devon.

Once I have supplied the herbs, we will either skype or speak on the telephone a week later to check your progress with the herbs. This call is included within the initial consultation price.



Follow-up Consultation

A follow-up appointment is recommended two weeks after your initial consultation. This is to check your progress and continue your treatment to improve your health, with the possibility of amendments to your treatment. 

You should allow up to 30 minutes for this consultation. It can be conducted through Skype, or at my place of practice in North Devon.


Health Shake

Mini Consultations

While some conditions can feel significant, for common ailments like colds, hayfever, or flu, tinctures can be provided following a mini consultation. This is dependent on the assurance that you have no significant medical history or allergies. 

You should allow up to 20 minutes for this appointment. It will be conducted at my place of practice in North Devon.


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